5 Rainy Day Indoor Activities For 6-10 Year Olds

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The rainy season in England usually begins mid July when the children break up for the school holidays and ends around early September when the new school year starts.  Well, that's how the past couple of summers have seemed to me.  This year I am prepared.  I have a few ideas to keep the kids entertained should it be a soggy summer.

Dressing Up

I loved dressing up in my mothers old clothes when I was a little girl.  Sort out any old dresses, skirts you may have tucked away at the back of the wardrobe, plus any scarves, gloves or hats you're not bothered about.  Ask the children to think of a theme, or suggest one, and allow their imagination and creativity to run riot.  It's amazing what they can come up with. 

Fun Baking

My daughter and her friends love messing about with sponge mixes, making cake and biscuits.  Try baking an assortment of cakes like little fairy cakes, chocolate brownies, muffins, no bake biscuits.  Prepare healthy finger foods like sticks of cucumber, carrot, melon, grapes  and you can have a real fun treat for tea.

Indoor Camping

Who said that tents have to be pitched in the garden?  If you have a small, easy to assemble tent it's really fun and easy to set up camp in your own house. 

If you don't have a tent, put together a makeshift one by throwing sheets or large towels over a couple of chairs or the clotheshorse.  Add sleeping bags and large cushions for comfort. 

For extra fun, provide camp-type food like little sausages, mini quiches and sandwiches.  You could even have a sing-song under canvas.

Try choosing a theme to base your indoor camp around. 

Life Size Drawings

If you have any leftover wallpaper, or large sheets of art paper use them to create life-size drawings of your child and their friends.

Get them to take it in turn to lie down on a sheet of paper and draw all the way around so that they each have their own outline.  Make a mosaic from spare pieces of material, colored paper, sweet or chocolate wrappers. The children then have an interesting exhibit for their bedrooms.

Board and Card Games

So now that you are worn out from the above activities, what about some old fashioned board games.  Call me old fashioned, but you still can't beat Snakes and Ladders or monopoly.  You can usually buy these two back-to-back on one board for around £5.

You can also play Patients, Solitaire or Snap with an ordinary pack of playing cards. 

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5 Rainy Day Indoor Activities For 6-10 Year Olds

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This article was published on 2010/03/31