Top 10 Beach Destinations

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What can be more fun than enjoying your summer vacations in an exclusive beach resort? Even for those who cannot afford spending a fortune on luxury vacations can visit resort towns and stay at budget hotels. The encouraging factor about these places is the fact that they offer a multitude of accommodation, dining, entertainment and fun options.


Tahiti is one of the great jewels of the Pacific Ocean. It has remained a popular resort town for decades. There have been major improvements in tourism infrastructure and now you can enjoy a great vacation on this island.


The lure of Maldives is magical. These tiny little islands attract hundreds of thousands of passengers throughout the year. Tourism facilities have been improved greatly and you will find all types of accommodation facilities. Yachts and water taxis remain the main mode of transportation and you can even stay in a whole island of your own if you can afford renting out a resort.


The island nation of Mauritius will be great for you if you want a family vacation. White sandy beaches, rafting and water sports and other activities will keep you entertained.


Who can ignore the beaches of Phuket while planning a tourist vacation? Prices are quite affordable especially if you visit during off peak season and there are plenty of entertainment and fun options.


Malaysia is even better with its azure waters, plenty of clubbing and fun options and a metropolitan lifestyle. Do not worry about prices as you can find many deals on online websites and shopping communities.


Just two hours flight from Kuala Lumpur will land you in Indonesia. The place is even better with Bali being the century old tourists haven. Many islands remain uninhabited with natural beaches and thus offer the best experience of sunbathing. The area is full of exotic wildlife and plants. If you are more of an urban tourist then Bali and Jakarta will offer you plenty of clubbing options.


A two hour flight from Miami will land you in one of the many destinations in the Caribbean. The place is simply out of this world with exotic culture, white beaches, plenty of water sports and fun, fun and more fun.


Canary Islands remain a major beach destination. You can find plenty of deals on online communities that will help you on living on a budget but still enjoying every part of the fun activities.


Mykonos is more than just a beach resort. It is full of ancient Greek architecture and its people are more than hospitable. A week in Greece will introduce you to new pleasures. If you are a history buff then you will find the time to be little to explore everything about the Greek civilization.


The very own beach haven for the Americans. Hawaii has so many tourism options that you will be surprised. You can not just sunbath on the beaches and revel in the nightclubs but can explore volcanoes, go for rock climbing or explore the rain forests of the island state.
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Top 10 Beach Destinations

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This article was published on 2010/12/04