Winning Back Your Boyfriend - Making Him Miss You

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After the end of your relationship you'll need to lay low, letting your boyfriend know you've accepted the breakup. After dropping out of sight for a while, your ex will start wondering what you're up to. His breakup safety net - the one thing keeping him secure in his decision to dump you - should be cut almost completely away by now, and he'll inwardly worry about this. Now's the time to make him want you back.

Having a great time without your ex is your very next move. Not only will this help you get over the pain and depression surrounding the unwanted end of your relationship, it'll also serve to make him very interested in your daily activities. Going out with friends, having fun, smiling, laughing... these things are good for your mental health and they're bad for your boyfriend's ego... especially if he sees or hears that you're doing them.

Guys are attracted to positive social situations exactly like this - to girls who are fun, funny, and active. Seeing you enjoying yourself like this suddenly brings back memories of the earliest parts of your courtship, as well as the fun times you had back then. But when you're out laughing and having fun without him? It makes your ex question whether or not you really need him anymore. This will make him jealous, and in turn, this will make him want you back.

On top of this, he'll wonder what your own dating situation is currently like. Knowing or hearing about you going out and having a great time, he'll realize it's only a matter of time before you meet someone else. This is something he doesn't want: it slams the door to being able to get you back whenever, and if ever, he wants to. Guys always love to know they can go backwards and reverse a break up if they later change their minds. By taking away the chance of that, you're putting him on the fast track to deciding whether or not ending your relationship was a good idea in the first place.

Using other guys to make your ex boyfriend jealous is never a good move, especially not if you want him back. Playing games like that is not going to help you rebuild a healthy relationship once you do get your man back, and it'll only lead to resentment and future fights you really don't need. So enjoy yourself, have fun with your friends, and go anywhere you want... but keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to get back your ex boyfriend.

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Winning Back Your Boyfriend - Making Him Miss You

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This article was published on 2010/04/03
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