Yankee Swap Gifts For Your Office Mates

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An office party, whether for Christmas or for your desk mate’s promotion, is a great opportunity for a yankee swap gift exchange. Not only will it add fun to any party, the gifts for the exchange need not be expensive. There are lots of fun and wacky yet usable office gifts which you can give to your work pals. 

If you and your office mates are having a gift swap party anytime soon, then these are great ideas which will make you the “King of gift giving” in your office.
Poop eraser
Now, erasing pencil marks is made more fun with the doggy doo eraser ($2.99) from officeplayground. It serves the purpose of erasing and pulling a prank all at the same. The recipient of this wacky gift will surely turn heads because people will wonder, “Why is he using poop to erase his writings?”
Portable fan
Is it a little hot in your office? You don’t have to hold your face in front of the air-conditioning unit because a USB desk fan ($7) will keep you cool during the hot summer days. You don’t have to put a battery in because it will instantly turn on when you attach the USB connector to your computer’s USB hub. It might also help you keep your cool when your boss is mad at you.
Fun highlighter
If highlighting reports is a must in your office, then what you need to purchase is the “Happy Highlighter”. This fun highlighter has a smiley head with hair on it. It can also stand on its own so you can make it a desk ornament as well. The Happy Highlighter is available in pink and yellow. 
“Making a doozy” organizer
Do you have an officemate with an unorganized table? If he keeps losing his materials because of his unkemptness, then it’s best for you to give him a Butt Station Table Organizer. This pooping organizer can keep your pens, pencils, erasers, and tape neatly tucked on one side of your desk. It’s sure to draw some laughs as well. With this fun organizer, he will definitely keep his materials neatly stashed. 
“Unbreakable” pen
If your officemate tends to break his pens, then the perfect gift for him is a Bendeez ($2.99) pen. He can bend it whatever way he wants. Aside from enabling him to jot down important notes, this bendy pen also serves as a stress reliever. So if the boss’ temper makes him want to break another pen, hand the Bendeez pen to him in order to chase his hassles away. Bendeez is available in 5 fun colors.
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Yankee Swap Gifts For Your Office Mates

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Yankee Swap Gifts For Your Office Mates

This article was published on 2011/11/18